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Absence of Malice

No movie review, I just needed an excuse to post a pic of a pretty man. A favorite blogger asked me how I can write so lovingly about a troubled mother/daughter relationship. Earlier today, I read about Sharon Osborne’s mental … Continue reading

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Lion Tamer

Sometime in young adulthood, I got interested in Astrology. Not sure why it took me so long. My family was so into all of it. Tarot cards, astrological charting, palm reading, Ouija boards, levitation, etc. The mysterious arts. I never bought … Continue reading

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The Kirby

I have a love/hate relationship with a household appliance. I blame it on a 1960’s salesman who might have caused the demise of my parents’ marriage. The Kirby vacuum cleaner has been produced since 1934, and even today, can only … Continue reading

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Out of the Cradle

There is a song about being a father that elicits tears. Every time. Cat’s In the Cradle, the Grammy winning 1974 rock folk song by Harry Chapin is a haunting vision of life coming full circle. But as I was looking through … Continue reading

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They are the flowers that come back year after year, the ones that always bloom. The rose might be the most faithful floral of all. We have been best friends for over 30 years. We met through work, followed our … Continue reading

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Falling off the Roof

A few months after our father died, my brother fell off the roof, both literally and figuratively. He was the treasured first born son, arriving after 3 attempts resulted in daughters. At the advice of physicians, my mother got pregnant … Continue reading

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Still Water … #Writephoto

Still waters run deep. Or do they ? He never answered her question. “What are you thinking ?” Sarah tried. She had been looking lovingly into his eyes for a long time. He gazed back. Tom was the strong, silent … Continue reading

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