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“Service Engine Soon”

At first, they were called “idiot lights”. They indicate trouble within the engine. The light comes on, you access the code book, identify the issue, repair or replace parts. The light is extinguished and you move forward. It is simple … Continue reading

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Monopoly Update

A dinosaur, a penguin and a rubber ducky. Millions of voters in 100 countries were surveyed, and Hasbro has announced that 3 new tokens will be featured in the August 2017 edition. The original plan was to replace the thimble. … Continue reading

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So you have been walking for decades, convinced that you have good cardiovascular health, and then it happens. A winter storm dumps more than a foot of heavy, wet snow on your space. It started white and fluffy, turned into … Continue reading

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Spamalot ???

With the utmost respect for all things Monty Python, this post asks a very different question. Since more than 90 % of the items in my spam folder are attached to one particular post, will the spammers go away if … Continue reading

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Thimble 1935-2017

The Monopoly thimble is being retired. Following 4 million votes in an online poll, toymaker Hasbro announced that one of its original token pieces will be replaced in the 2017 edition of the popular real estate board game. It makes … Continue reading

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Civil Wars

Remember when Facebook was fun ? It seems so very long ago. What started exclusively for college students, expanded into a global phenomenon, has evolved into something that is anything but social. We all learned so much that we didn’t … Continue reading

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A reblog.   Happy February ! Those diamond ads. It’s that time of year. I wonder how many couples break up just before Valentine’s Day ? The pressure to “gift” is even more extreme than what it takes to turn … Continue reading

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