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The Wedding Photographer

On the afternoon of my 30th birthday, I began my career as a wedding photographer. Six months later, it was over. Her name was Kelli. We worked together in the marketing department of an engineering company. She was beautiful, and … Continue reading

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One of the Boys

I was over 30 yr. old when I actively pursued friendship with women. For my entire life, I was surrounded by the other gender. There were sisters, but they were never really friends. The “hood” where I grew up, was almost … Continue reading

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They are the flowers that come back year after year, the ones that always bloom. The rose might be the most faithful floral of all. We have been best friends for over 30 years. We met through work, followed our … Continue reading

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Falling off the Roof

A few months after our father died, my brother fell off the roof, both literally and figuratively. He was the treasured first born son, arriving after 3 attempts resulted in daughters. At the advice of physicians, my mother got pregnant … Continue reading

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Adventures with Lye

It started with handmade soaps. I received amazing samples from my friend, Linda. Just out of curiosity, I looked for information about how they are made. I found a video that showed the process that turns the very basic ingredients into … Continue reading

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Burger flipping. It has become a reference that we all understand. A low-paying job. A place you might end up if you ignore education. A last resort. A McJob. I learned a lesson early in life about the dignity of … Continue reading

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The Accident

Sometimes the Universe gives you a subtle nudge. And sometimes, it knocks you down to get your attention. In a very chance meeting at a flea market, I struck up a conversation with a young man selling his record collection. … Continue reading

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