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“Stuff Envelopes for Cash” I fell for the scam. I was a naïve, teenaged college student, working summer factory jobs to pay for expenses, looking for a way to earn cash that would not interrupt my classes (social life). It seemed … Continue reading

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The best soup recipe I’ve ever had came from a man who was dying. Paul was a brilliant engineer in his early 30’s, with a lovely wife and 2 young sons. An attractive and personable man, he was gray the … Continue reading

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A Tale of 3 Homes

Home ownership. It was the rite of passage into adulthood for so many of us. The American dream. The white picket fence. The statistical 2.5 children. The house in the suburbs. Some stay a few years and move on. Some … Continue reading

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I saw the cartoon recently, and laughed, but only for a few seconds. I have experienced these images, every one, at different times in my life. And that is not so funny. It seems to be a chronic issue with … Continue reading

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It is Labor Day here in the U.S., and I am fondly remembering the best paying, hardest and maybe most curious employment experience ever. I washed raisins in a Pepperidge Farm bakery. I was a summer substitute, working for college … Continue reading

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Growing up poor, luxury did not apply, especially to anything as frivolous as a handbag. I blame this on Judy, or at least I did, until I watched her meltdown. She was my mentor, responsible for my training. We worked … Continue reading

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Guest Post – New Beginnings

Originally posted on A Momma's View:
A beautiful guest post from my friend Vanbytheriver. I was told that it was sort of inspired by my ‘Inside Out’ post, which makes me even happier. I can totally relate to how…

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One Last Move

“Kansas ? Really ?” He was five years from retirement. “It’s the last move, Ellen, we really have no choice.” Mark was right. There were bills to pay, he loved his work, Florida could wait. Stress, depression, illness did not … Continue reading

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Shrimp and Grits

“Racism probably had something to do with it, but I think the kid was crazy,” Kyndel Payne of Beaufort says. “I don’t think it has anything to do with the confederate flag.” And there it is. The way this issue … Continue reading

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Summer of Love

Apollo astronauts landed on the moon. Two hundred thousand showed up for Woodstock. It was 1969. And I was making hand grenade fuses in a small factory in rural Pennsylvania. In spite of cutback promises by President Nixon, the conflict … Continue reading

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