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Poke Salad ?

My plans for a busy day were ruined the moment I downloaded Linda’s new book. It was much anticipated, maybe from the moment I met her in person last summer. She and her mother have a gift for telling a … Continue reading

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U.S. Blogging Event Poll

There is so much joy in meeting bloggers in real life. So excited for the opportunity of a U.S. blogger’s bash. Please vote on one of the proposed locations. Thanks in advance. ☺ Van

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Epiphanies at Dawn

The sun rose today at 5:27 a.m. I know this because there is a program on my computer called F.lux that moderates light, brightening the screen at daybreak, dimming it at sunset. I see it happen every day. Morning is … Continue reading

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There is a curious irony about being depressed in Spring. Flowers, butterflies, trees in bloom, fresh air, sunshine, warm temperatures. Growth, renewal, hope. The profound sadness. I’ve seen it happen too often, to people I love. For myself and family, this … Continue reading

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We read. We write. We sit. According to recent reports, sitting 5 hours a day is the equivalent of smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes. Ouch. I have felt the effects, and make an effort to get up … Continue reading

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Changing the Story

There are patterns in life that we notice. For my family, Spring has always been a difficult season. I’ve written about it a lot. The Madness of March, Good Friday, Longwood, The Final Gift are just a few posts that address tragedy and … Continue reading

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That Other Couple

We’ve all seen them. That older couple. Not the one holding hands, smiling politely at each other, silently enjoying a restaurant meal, reflecting on a lifetime of memories. That other couple. Growling, snarling, critical, impatient, angry, exhausted. I witnessed one of those couples recently … Continue reading

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It might be a dying art, but there is something so special about the handwritten letter. I have saved so many over the years; some from friends, most from family. None were more special than those from my Aunt Mary. … Continue reading

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Death by Coupon

Originally posted on vanbytheriver:
It will be somewhere in my obituary.  “She died trying to redeem a coupon”. The body ages; the mind refuses to recognize its limitations. It happens to me all the time. I never learn. The latest…

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“What makes a life extraordinary?” Laughing when scared                                                                                   Singing when lonely                                                                 Loving when abandoned Yet Never turning away from the future Never ceasing to be better Never shying away from the difficult, the dangerous , the delicate chores of living … Continue reading

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