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We’ve all done it. You break an egg, pieces of shell end up in your bowl. You reach in to retrieve it, with a spoon, knife, or mostly, your finger. All you really need is the rest of the shell. … Continue reading

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Fruits of Labor

I woke up to 57 degrees, opened the windows, turned on the oven. Now the house smells of blueberries and butter. It reminded me of a favorite post, with a much-loved recipe at the end. ** There is a huge advantage … Continue reading

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It is a foolproof pie crust. It came from a farmer’s wife, and maybe the saddest woman I’d ever met. Barbara was the manager of a small office where I took a temp job. It was customary to bring in … Continue reading

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The Holiday Auction

I wish I still had the photo. I took part in a charity holiday auction years ago. My entry… a Christmas cookie recipe book. It included a photo with a graphic that identified each cookie on the ornate tray. I made 26 varieties of cookies … Continue reading

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Today, I will bake. I will remember, I will be sad, I will meditate. I will honor the tragic memory of  September 11, 2001. But I won’t write about it. Not today. Instead, I’ll share a memory, and a recipe. … Continue reading

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Ode to January

I truly love January.  It is dark and cold and I am often stuck inside for days. Don’t care. Love it anyway. It is with great joy that I start up a new personal calendar, turning the page, as it … Continue reading

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Red Pajama Holiday

A cherished memory from a time just about 2 decades ago. With all the fuss and stress over the holidays just about wrapped up, it is moments like this that I remember with the most fondness. My two babies, in … Continue reading

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The Red Stool

I wish this photo was in color. It was from the 1950’s and it was my favorite place in the world. This was a bright red metallic stool, the kind with pullout steps; the kind that mainly show up now … Continue reading

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Vanilla Extract by the Quart

The creators of Mad Men have done an amazing job to recreate the 1960’s. I’m sure that the goings-on of the advertising era; the Madison Ave. execs of the title, are authentic. What I find endlessly amusing, however, are the … Continue reading

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