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It started as a typical Easter weekend. There was a new outfit, frilly dress, white patent leather shoes, white gloves and flowered hat. The Sunday meal was planned. Good Friday was mysterious. For reasons not yet clear to us, we … Continue reading

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As with most fears, there was a reason. It came from a childhood memory. Her much- loved uncle raised honey bees on a farm not far from the family home, more like the family block. They were immigrants who stayed … Continue reading

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Stealing Elegance

On my first trip to New York City, I stole a spoon from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. It was not only the first time for me to the biggest of cities, it was the first and only time I committed … Continue reading

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Day 1 Quote Challenge

Thank you to the lovely Erika for inviting me to the 3 Day 3 Quote Challenge. https://erikakind.wordpress.com It is my favorite challenge. I may not have thought of a vampire, but I knew I was different. I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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For most of my life, it is the way I have presented to the world. Long hair, pulled back into a pony tail. It started very young. My older sister and I shared an evening ritual with my grandmother. She … Continue reading

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The Handwriting on the Wall

If you know what this is, you most likely grew up learning the Palmer Penmanship method of handwriting. The sight of these drills may still haunt you. I, for one, could never quite get my circles to look like the … Continue reading

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Indoor Camping

Some of my favorite memories have involved being snowed-in, and without electric power. There is something about the challenge that is so special for me; and I share that joy with my family…like it or not. It doesn’t happen as … Continue reading

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Role Model ?

On every survey, on every application, on every questionnaire: Father’s Occupation:  _____________               Mother’s Occupation: _____________ Like most of my hometown friends and classmates, I entered “Steelworker” for Dad. I always paused, and was often almost ashamed to enter “Housewife” … Continue reading

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Ode to January

I truly love January.  It is dark and cold and I am often stuck inside for days. Don’t care. Love it anyway. It is with great joy that I start up a new personal calendar, turning the page, as it … Continue reading

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A Box of Darkness

Did you ever wonder how your life would have turned out if you had not been” gifted” with a troubled childhood ? I have probably given this more thought than it deserves. Photography has helped. There is visible evidence of … Continue reading

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