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Civil Wars

Remember when Facebook was fun ? It seems so very long ago. What started exclusively for college students, expanded into a global phenomenon, has evolved into something that is anything but social. We all learned so much that we didn’t … Continue reading

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Secret Sauce

Tonight, we may get snow. Today, I will use the grill on a 70 degree day. BBQ spareribs is a frequent request, and it’s all about the sauce. Shirley would sometimes bring leftovers for lunch from her weekend BBQ. I … Continue reading

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As we enter into a favorite time of year, with fresh sweet corn and ample tomatoes, I will share a short one from the past. My father taught me how to pick the best ear of corn. He told me … Continue reading

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They are the flowers that come back year after year, the ones that always bloom. The rose might be the most faithful floral of all. We have been best friends for over 30 years. We met through work, followed our … Continue reading

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The best soup recipe I’ve ever had came from a man who was dying. Paul was a brilliant engineer in his early 30’s, with a lovely wife and 2 young sons. An attractive and personable man, he was gray the … Continue reading

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A WordPress Summit

It was a day full of “S” words when Nutsrok met up with Van by the River. Summer. Sunshine. Smiles. Suburbs. SEPTA Stations. Strangers on a train. S.O.S. (That’s creamed chipped beef, but we all know its other name) Smoked … Continue reading

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Why do you blog ? Why WordPress ? It is a question I’ve been asked, most recently by a friend that goes back for 40 years. She is one of those folks you meet and just know you were meant … Continue reading

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Hashbrown Confessionals

There is something about a diner that brings out the most personal of conversations. For me, this always happens at breakfast. The smells… bacon frying, hash brown potatoes, fresh coffee brewing, rye bread toasting; the sounds…patrons coming and going, the … Continue reading

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A Reason. A Season. Or a Lifetime.

There is a lovely poem, author unknown, that has been around for quite a while. The poem alludes to the fact that every person who comes into our life is there for one of these three purposes. The season and … Continue reading

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Slumber Party at the Funeral Home

Spending 8 years in a catholic elementary school can create bonds that last a lifetime. I didn’t think I could remember the names of all of those 20 or 30 students from my class, until I visited the local church … Continue reading

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