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Guest Post – New Beginnings

Originally posted on A Momma's View:
A beautiful guest post from my friend Vanbytheriver. I was told that it was sort of inspired by my ‘Inside Out’ post, which makes me even happier. I can totally relate to how…

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The Fortune Teller

Oda Mae Brown. She was the fortune teller so brilliantly portrayed by the Oscar winning Whoopi Goldberg in “Ghost”.  She was a fake, a charlatan, until she met up with recently- departed Sam Wheat. Suddenly, things got real for Oda … Continue reading

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Moving Van Envy

On two different Ellis Island ship registries from the early 1900’s, it was noted that the nationality for both of my immigrant grandparents was “Magyar”. This could have meant one of two things; that the language they spoke was of … Continue reading

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