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Punch Buggy

There was a 1960’s vintage auto show that surprised me at a local mall this past weekend. There was a DJ playing 60’s music, a charity fund raiser, flea market and kid activities. A highlight for me was far more … Continue reading

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The Lunch Table

The high school lunch table is an interesting study in social relationships. It is a time to blend with peers, whoever they may be. I’ve had the chance to experience this as a student, a parent and a teacher. You … Continue reading

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Why do you blog ? Why WordPress ? It is a question I’ve been asked, most recently by a friend that goes back for 40 years. She is one of those folks you meet and just know you were meant … Continue reading

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At Seventeen

“I learned the truth at seventeen; That love was meant for beauty queens; And high school girls with clear skin smiles Who married young and then retired.” Such a brilliant and hauntingly beautiful song. I hadn’t heard it for a … Continue reading

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