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The First Seven Years

“Give me a child for the first seven years, and you may do what you like with him afterwards.” St. Ignatius Loyola. In honor of that belief, I’d like to repost a piece of writing dedicated to the woman who … Continue reading

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  It’s a Russian term of endearment for Grandmother. It’s also used to describe those nesting dolls we remember. For me, it was something else. It meant that it was raining, snowing or windy, and I’d be wearing one of … Continue reading

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Sophie’s Choice

It was an Oscar-winning performance from Meryl Streep. It also described a life choice made by my great-grandmother. The movie was released on VHS right about the time of the birth of my first child. It was about the 3rd … Continue reading

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The Steamer Trunk

After the death of my father, there was very little from my childhood home that I really wanted. The piano I grew up with had already been given away to a small neighborhood church that my grandparents had supported. But … Continue reading

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The Twenty Year Suicide

The Great Depression of 1929 hit my family in a big way. My grandfather lost his farm, lost his mind. Would it have been better if he had taken a gun to his head ? This has occurred to me … Continue reading

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My grandparents were immigrants from Eastern Europe, mostly Hungary and Czechoslovakia, who came here for a better life. They brought with them a rich culture, which was reinforced when they settled in ethnically diverse communities such as my home in … Continue reading

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Chester County Farm

While living out West shortly after marriage, and feeling a bit homesick, I came across a copy of an Andrew Wyeth painting called “Chester County Farm” Most of his works are on display in Chadds Ford, PA , very near … Continue reading

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