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Toys “Were” Us

Cabbage Patch Doll. 1983. Teddy Ruxpin. 1995. Tickle Me Elmo. 1996. Furby. 1998. Pokemon. 1999. Nintendo, XBox, Playstation. Forever. These are just a few of the toys that made us lose our mind. Marketing strategies stirred up popularity, kids begged … Continue reading

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Location, Location, Location

The iconic New York City Plaza Hotel is up for sale. Built in 1907,  registered as a national historic landmark, the property is valued at $ 560 million. Apartments are currently available, at a range of $1.3 to $39.8 million … Continue reading

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Easy to be Hard

I found myself on the steps of Columbia University handing out flyers for presidential hopeful Eugene McCarthy. It was the late 1960’s. I was there for a high school journalism conference, a teenager in New York City for 4 days … Continue reading

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NYC in Autumn

“I recall Central Park in fall”   It is a lyric written by NYC producer Milt Gabler for the song Danke Shoen, recorded by Wayne Newton in 1962. His signature song gained renewed fame when lip-synched in the 1986 movie Ferris … Continue reading

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The New Neighbors

The groundhog or woodchuck is also known as the “whistle pig”. I know that now, spending a few days waking up to their chatter while on a visit to family. Surrounded by woods, streams and lakes, a colony of groundhogs, … Continue reading

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Cinema Cravings

You don’t have to be a “foodie” to get it. There are scenes in movies that make you hungry, and for very specific foods. Just a few examples. And I have to include what might be my all time favorite. … Continue reading

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Beyonce and Bocelli

Like many, I’ve been preoccupied this weekend with the comings and goings of Pope Francis; not because I’m a practicing Catholic, but because I’m fascinated with the media response. Living in suburban Philadelphia, I used to count myself among those … Continue reading

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Walking Cross-Town. Heal the wounds. Heal the wounds from the ground up.

Originally posted on Live & Learn:
“Pray for me.” Soft spoken and gentle, he leans into a man and his child amid the throng on the streets of DC. He repeats. “Please pray for me.” I ponder that for a moment.…

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Today, I will bake. I will remember, I will be sad, I will meditate. I will honor the tragic memory of  September 11, 2001. But I won’t write about it. Not today. Instead, I’ll share a memory, and a recipe. … Continue reading

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Throat Lozenges and Gel Insoles

There are only 3 basic activities I share with my daughter in New York City. Eat. Talk. Walk. She has been there for 5 years now. We no longer visit Times Square, Broadway, Rockefeller Center or even Central Park. It … Continue reading

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