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The Rocket Scientist

“Well, it’s not rocket science.” I’m more cautious now about using that expression. My sister in law is, in fact, a rocket scientist. I was moved by Sandra’s post about how and what our children learn. https://amommasview.wordpress.com/2016/04/01/lessons-for-our-kids/ I commented about my … Continue reading

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The Scrubbed Face

“Only ugly women wear makeup.” My father’s words. We all abided. I can remember hiding mascara, buying lip color and nail polish in secret, applying it carefully on the bus on the way to school. There were 4 daughters in … Continue reading

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Fledge Failure

In every family, there seems to being at least one member who never quite leaves home. Many leave to find work, get their education, have relationships and maybe even start a family. And return. There are economic reasons. Some find it … Continue reading

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A Job for Life

I served as escort for my son’s oral surgery last week. He is 29. As I sat in the lobby, I had to restrain the urge to go back with him to the operating room. He was nervous, I could … Continue reading

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Parenting the Depressed

They are the other victims;  the parents of Andreas Lubitz, the 27 year old Germanwings co-pilot who flew a plane into the French Alps, taking 149 lives with his own. As the investigation evolves, it shows depression and anxiety, multiple … Continue reading

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A brilliantly simple idea for an emergency torch; make a wick out of paper toweling, insert into a hole pierced into the top of a tuna can (packed in oil) and it will burn for 2-3 hours, leaving edible tuna … Continue reading

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