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Unplugged. Day 5 . Watching the sun rise over the Atlantic from the vantage point of wooden rocking chairs, I was struck by how much folks were missing. As they rushed down at 5:50 a.m. clad in pajamas and swimwear, … Continue reading

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One Magical Instant

Simply the best. A man so important to photography, Kodak gave him their last roll of Kodachrome. He did not waste it.

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Fire and Ice

We could use a little global warming right about….now. A Philadelphia building was encased in ice after firefighters battled a blaze this week.

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The Heartbreak of Jacques Brel

If there is a more anguished, impassioned performance of a song about love lost; I have never witnessed it. My first experience of Jacques Brel was in an off-Broadway show in Greenwich Village in 1968. I was in NYC for … Continue reading

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Siesta. The Art of the Nap

Siesta, from Latin, translates to “Sixth Hour”, or midday. This reflects the practice of shutting down business, eating a large meal and taking a 2-3 hour nap,  particularly in areas with very warm climates, like Spain and Italy. For me, … Continue reading

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The Sadness of Second Grade

He says Bill, I believe this is killing me As the smile ran away from his face Well I’m sure that I could be a movie star If I could get out of this place Piano Man by Billy Joel … Continue reading

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Of Corn and Campfire

Facebook, for me, is all about the photos. In our ADHD world, it is so much easier to “Like” a post if the wording is short, if it’s a viral video less than 2 minutes long, or a picture that … Continue reading

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Full Color to Sepia to Black /White. A Year in a Photo Album

It’s interesting to me how much family history and mood can be reflected in a simple photo. A picture really is “worth a thousand words”. Never was this more evident for me than 1978. It was a year of mental … Continue reading

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Open Tabs

“Warn me when I attempt to close multiple tabs.” It’s a friendly reminder at the top of your laptop screen. It’s a metaphor for those living with bipolar disorder. My earliest experience with the illness was at 6 yrs. of … Continue reading

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Memories in the Key of D

I was just 9 yr old when music entered my life in the form of a restored walnut upright piano, made in the late 1800’s by Lindeman & Sons, NYC. photo from Lindeman catalog. 1900 It was a classic piece … Continue reading

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