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Out of the Attic

Our mission was to clear out the attic. It runs the full length of the ranch style home that was built for my husband’s family in 1954. They have been filling it with stuff since then. It did not/does not … Continue reading

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I got my last basket of peaches at a local orchard this week. They have picked all the fruit and placed them in cold storage to sell at local markets. Once brought to room temperature, they were perfect. These are … Continue reading

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I have spent a lifetime with earth tones, in other words, the color of dirt. Neutral colors are appealing to the vast majority of potential buyers, or so we have been advised for decades by folks in real estate. Over … Continue reading

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A Tale of 3 Homes

Home ownership. It was the rite of passage into adulthood for so many of us. The American dream. The white picket fence. The statistical 2.5 children. The house in the suburbs. Some stay a few years and move on. Some … Continue reading

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