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When Doves Cry

Heading out on the first day of Spring, I came upon a pair of birds at an intersection near home. They would not budge. They almost stared into my windshield as I approached. I ended up going around them. I … Continue reading

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That Other Couple

We’ve all seen them. That older couple. Not the one holding hands, smiling politely at each other, silently enjoying a restaurant meal, reflecting on a lifetime of memories. That other couple. Growling, snarling, critical, impatient, angry, exhausted. I witnessed one of those couples recently … Continue reading

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Making the Coffee

It’s a simple ritual. Fill pot with water. Insert paper filter. Measure coffee grounds. It doesn’t take a team of two. Yet, somehow, it does. Since my husband retired, we have been setting up the coffee pot for the next … Continue reading

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