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They are the flowers that come back year after year, the ones that always bloom. The rose might be the most faithful floral of all. We have been best friends for over 30 years. We met through work, followed our … Continue reading

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The Tire Swing

My daughter and her husband are buying their first home this week. She made sure to tell me that it has a rope swing with a tire in the back yard. It was an important selling point. As always. It … Continue reading

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A Tale of 3 Homes

Home ownership. It was the rite of passage into adulthood for so many of us. The American dream. The white picket fence. The statistical 2.5 children. The house in the suburbs. Some stay a few years and move on. Some … Continue reading

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The Lunch Table

The high school lunch table is an interesting study in social relationships. It is a time to blend with peers, whoever they may be. I’ve had the chance to experience this as a student, a parent and a teacher. You … Continue reading

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Moving Van Envy

On two different Ellis Island ship registries from the early 1900’s, it was noted that the nationality for both of my immigrant grandparents was “Magyar”. This could have meant one of two things; that the language they spoke was of … Continue reading

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