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Wookin’ Pa Nub

With internet access, it is easy to verify song lyrics. It might just be taking away the mystery, and a bit of fun. When artists created their LP (Long Playing) record albums in the past, they would often include printed … Continue reading

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SNL Breaking Up

There is something extraordinary that happens when you witness comic performers loseĀ  control and break up during their own rehearsed sketches. It is infectious. Saturday Night Live was so much a part of my culture, I chose one of its … Continue reading

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Bruce Jenner is in the news again; this time for a fatal traffic accident while being pursued by Paparazzi in Malibu. Dramatic changes in his physical appearance have suggested the possibility of gender transformation. Why do we care ? I … Continue reading

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Lost in Barnes and Noble

  As a child, it was the library. A place of quiet, solitude and books, the kind you could smell as soon as you walked in. It was a place to do research, a place to dream, a place to … Continue reading

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