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Burger flipping. It has become a reference that we all understand. A low-paying job. A place you might end up if you ignore education. A last resort. A McJob. I learned a lesson early in life about the dignity of … Continue reading

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Town Mouse and Country Mouse

“I never saw a pig until I met your father.” She used the line often. It always got a laugh. We all knew what she meant. She was born and raised a city girl. She married the son of a … Continue reading

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Madison Men

Hats off to Matthew Weiner for a brilliant but surprising ending to the award-winning series Mad Men, named for the advertising creatives of 1960’s Madison Avenue. There was a more important Madison for me; I grew up with the steelworkers … Continue reading

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The Gambler

He knew when to hold them, when to fold them; when to walk away and when to run. My Dad. He was a gambler. The ponies, the numbers (before Lotto made it legal), football pools, church raffles, and the most … Continue reading

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Role Model ?

On every survey, on every application, on every questionnaire: Father’s Occupation:  _____________               Mother’s Occupation: _____________ Like most of my hometown friends and classmates, I entered “Steelworker” for Dad. I always paused, and was often almost ashamed to enter “Housewife” … Continue reading

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The VW Bus

In our own version of “That 70s Show” , we were caught up in wedding and relocation plans, just a few short months after college. The year was 1973. The clothes were polyester, the colors and patterns were hideous. The … Continue reading

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My grandparents were immigrants from Eastern Europe, mostly Hungary and Czechoslovakia, who came here for a better life. They brought with them a rich culture, which was reinforced when they settled in ethnically diverse communities such as my home in … Continue reading

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401 K. Going…. going…. gone ?

Not completely sure what ebola has to do with Wall Street; but it seems to be having a deadly effect on what passes as our generation’s retirement pension. The 401 K. Sometime in the early 1990’s, we were presented with … Continue reading

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