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The Gift of Stress. How Lobsters Grow.

With very few words, this post and brief video has been viewed almost 1000 times, more than any other on this blog.  It might say something about the level of stress in ourselves, our families, our world.  Time for a … Continue reading

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If A Tree Falls…

I saw it as it began to fall. It landed about one car length ahead of me. There was no sound until part of it broke up on the road as I hit the brakes. It caught me off guard. … Continue reading

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Placebo. The Follow Up.

There was a bout of depression in my late 20’s. You could say there were reasons. After moving 2000 miles back to Pennsylvania, we relocated to Michigan. I gave up a promising career to allow for my husband’s advancement. It … Continue reading

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I saw the cartoon recently, and laughed, but only for a few seconds. I have experienced these images, every one, at different times in my life. And that is not so funny. It seems to be a chronic issue with … Continue reading

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