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Robin Williams. Not Resting in Peace.

Does it really matter ? We know it was a suicide. We have known for a long time. Is it really necessary to reveal details from the extensive postmortem analysis ? How can his family feel having it revealed that … Continue reading

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The Twenty Year Suicide

The Great Depression of 1929 hit my family in a big way. My grandfather lost his farm, lost his mind. Would it have been better if he had taken a gun to his head ? This has occurred to me … Continue reading

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A Reason. A Season. Or a Lifetime.

There is a lovely poem, author unknown, that has been around for quite a while. The poem alludes to the fact that every person who comes into our life is there for one of these three purposes. The season and … Continue reading

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Letter to My Twenty Year Old Self

Posting entries of a most personal nature can lead to a bit of enlightenment. It leads you to others who are suffering. Depression can come at any age. Thoughts of suicide often begin to seriously fester in your twenties. That … Continue reading

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