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Spamalot ???

With the utmost respect for all things Monty Python, this post asks a very different question. Since more than 90 % of the items in my spam folder are attached to one particular post, will the spammers go away if … Continue reading

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We read. We write. We sit. According to recent reports, sitting 5 hours a day is the equivalent of smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes. Ouch. I have felt the effects, and make an effort to get up … Continue reading

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A Box of Darkness

Did you ever wonder how your life would have turned out if you had not been” gifted” with a troubled childhood ? I have probably given this more thought than it deserves. Photography has helped. There is visible evidence of … Continue reading

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Rear View Mirror

I came here with an express purpose; to write about my past. I had done this before over the years; sometimes in journals written in cursive with an old-school ink fountain pen. I used Microsoft “Word”, storing them all on … Continue reading

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Lost in Barnes and Noble

  As a child, it was the library. A place of quiet, solitude and books, the kind you could smell as soon as you walked in. It was a place to do research, a place to dream, a place to … Continue reading

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Open Tabs

“Warn me when I attempt to close multiple tabs.” It’s a friendly reminder at the top of your laptop screen. It’s a metaphor for those living with bipolar disorder. My earliest experience with the illness was at 6 yrs. of … Continue reading

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Channeling the Words

I love my car radio. There is something not so random about what I often hear as I journey about. There seems to be some sort of cosmic connection that I don’t understand, but appreciate. It happens to everyone who … Continue reading

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