Meaningful Beauty

Cindy Crawford’s skin care line, Meaningful Beauty, is the only infomercial product I ever purchased.meaningful-beauty

It didn’t work for me. It burned my skin on the first application.

On closer examination of the packaging, I noticed some very serious chemicals in the ingredient list, far more dangerous than was evident from the advertising.

The promotion included a very convincing session with French cosmetic surgeon, Jean-Louis Sebagh, who provided the secret melon extract for the product that Cindy had been using for decades to keep that remarkable complexion.cindy-before-and-after-mb5And after all, what is smoother than melon flesh, French or otherwise ??


Courtesy of Marie Claire. 2013

When I saw the recent unaltered photo of Crawford that has gone viral, I didn’t think about the hypocrisy of the modeling industry, the deception in advertising, the danger of photoshopping us all into believing there is perfection out there to achieve.

I also didn’t think about the reasoning behind the presumed leak of the raw photo, or how it must have backfired if they meant to shame her. The positive feedback has been steady in her support.

I didn’t think about the beauty and honesty in that photograph. I didn’t compare her to what I, or most of us, looked like in our late 40’s.

All I could think about was her million dollar “Meaningful Beauty” product and why, oh why, didn’t she use some of that miracle melon extract on her stomach and leg skin ???

*Note: I called to complain about the chemical reaction. Without question or argument, they refunded my money. That was 10 years ago. They are still selling the product.

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8 Responses to Meaningful Beauty

  1. LaVagabonde says:


  2. mandy smith says:

    I saw this on the news, Van, and felt like I’d been duped, too. I’m not surprised they kept selling it, and I’ll bet yours wasn’t the only complaint. It seems most every “super” model, actress, chef, etc that puts out beauty products, diet books, and exercise videos/equipment (I’ve bought more than my share!) reverts back to their pre magic-product self. I remember buying the thigh master because I wanted Suzanne Somer’s thighs. It didn’t work (really?) and then I saw her on Phil Donahue (remember him?) and she admitted she never used it. And don’t you love it when they use 20 year-olds to sell wrinkle-reversing products? Lol–oh Van, don’t get me started. 😀

    • Ha ha…Mandy, on getting you started ! Suzanne’s thighs…now she’s advocating hormones that bring back your “youth”, along with your menses. No, thanks. I remember Donahue well, Oprah took him out. I did fall for Jane Fonda’s workout tapes back in the day…now she has a gentler version for seniors….I wonder…. Van ☺

      • mandy smith says:

        I’m so glad you relate, Van! Grrr. Bring back the menses? She can be a little kooky–I see she takes about 100 health supplements daily. I used Jane’s workout tapes for years. I actually liked them. I thought she was perfect. When she got her ‘”enhancements” it hurt my feelings. I no longer believed that just exercise could accomplish that perfection. Dang. Now I’m just too tired to worry too much!

  3. C.E.Robinson says:

    Van, so glad you posted this. I’m tired of seeing this infomercial and was suspicious of how it could supposedly work so well. Like a lot of beauty products that I bought over the years, don’t work and end up in the trash. I’ve used Borghese moisturizer for years and I’m sticking with it, however none of the other so called miracle products of the same line! Guess what, the health of your skin has a lot to do with what you put into your body, and then there’s genetics, but then you know all of that!!! Christine

    • Recently, I’ve had reactions, especially to those “tone perfecting” formulas. I recover from the simplest things, like organic coconut oil. Makes me wonder why I don’t stay with the natural approach ?? I do drink tons of water, and the tendency to freckle has kept my face out of the sun. Thanks, Christine.

      • C.E.Robinson says:

        Van, agree! Stay with the natural approach. I even wash my face with Vitamin E soap!!! None of those fancy cleansers! Also a good moisturizer with SPF 15 (anything higher and it’s irritating to my skin) would help when in the sun. Christine

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