Ice Cream and You

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light”, or maybe, against the dying of summer, as in the case of ice cream giant Baskin-Robbins. *

Late in August, they released the results of a study “What Your Ice Cream Eating Preferences Say About You,” teaming with behavioral food expert Juliet A. Boghossian.

A cross section of one thousand U.S. consumers were surveyed, revealing some interesting personality traits.

The results are fun to explore.

How do you prefer your ice cream ?

Ice Cream Cone…You are The Optimist, an idealist who leads with your heart. Those who choose sugar cones are the life of the party and are funny, edgy, performers. Waffle cone lovers are more traditional and nurturing caregivers, likely the host of the party.

Bowl or Cup… You are The Realist, an analytical type, a rational thinker.  You’re responsible, dutiful, family-oriented and hardworking.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich… You might be considered The Eccentric, and have a complex mix of contradictions, known to be a artistic, impulsive and idealistic.

Ice Cream Sundaes… You are The Ambitious, and are open, passionate, motivated and loyal, plus take calculated risks.

Out Of The Carton… You, of course, are The Practical; resourceful, dependent, pragmatic, an introvert and are often strong leaders.

Milkshake… You are The Free Spirit, young at heart, fearless, athletic and are more likely to take impulsive risks.

Check out the entire survey here.  

* Quote from the famous poem of Dylan Thomas, who opens with these lines..

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.



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Ancient Trees


She took her camera to some of the darkest, most isolated places on earth, to photograph trees that have survived thousands of years.


Beth Moon, famed photographer and  author of the 2014 book, Ancient Trees:Portraits of Time, studied the link between tree growth and planetary movement.

“The oak, for example, appears to be linked with Mars, the beech with Saturn, and the birch with Venus,” she writes in the essay that accompanies her new book, Ancient Skies, Ancient Trees, published in 2016.

In a series of amazing long-exposure images, Moon showcases old-growth trees against star-filled skies from South Africa to California.

She captured baobabs, quiver trees, pines, Joshua trees, sequoias and oaks, lit by constellations in both hemispheres.

Isolated from the light pollution of cities and towns, these ancient trees have endured without human interference, maintaining those unobstructed sky views.


Astronomer Jana Grcevich notes that visible light from the most distant stars takes about a thousand years to reach the earth, the same length of time that many of Moon’s trees have been growing, adding that Moon’s photographs “give us a connection between Earth and its larger context, between ourselves and our place in the universe.”


Post inspired by the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, as we watch the devastation to lives and landscapes.

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The First Jeans

We had to fight for our first pair of blue jeans. In the opinion of many 1960’s mothers, including mine, they were still “dungarees” and not appropriate attire for young ladies.

They were meant for farmers, cowboys, factory workers, men.

So I saved my babysitting money, and bought my first pair of Levi’s at an Army Navy Store. One problem… they were far too blue.

I remember taking them out to the back alley behind our house, and asking my younger siblings to run over them with their bicycles to distress the denim. There was no way to explain this to my parents.

It worked. It helped achieve the more worn “hippie look” that was becoming popular .

School dress codes did not permit jeans, or even pants, for female students at the time. It was truly a different era.

But beyond high school, my jeans got a proper workout. Along with T shirts, they became affordable, fashionable, practical, and pretty much everyday wear on the college campus.

Bell bottoms, straight leg, boot cut, designer jeans were all on the way. Brooke Shields was waiting in the wings with her Calvin Klein’s.

For me, that first pair from the Army Navy Store will always be the most special.


Levi Strauss and Co. just released info on what they believe are the oldest women’s jeans in existence. Dated to the 1930’s, they were developed at a local level, long before they became a necessity for the factory-working women of the WWII era.

They call them “Viola” after the owner.


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Location, Location, Location

The iconic New York City Plaza Hotel is up for sale. Built in 1907,  registered as a national historic landmark, the property is valued at $ 560 million.

Photo credit. Sotheby’s International.

Apartments are currently available, at a range of $1.3 to $39.8 million for a 3 bedroom suite, if you are house-hunting.

With its opulent interiors,world-class service, park view location, it has been the choice of the rich and famous for decades, photographed and featured in so many films.

My favorite guest might have been the fictional Kevin McCallister, from 1992’s Home Alone 2.

It inspired a trip to NYC for my family that included so many of the places featured around that Central Park location.

The clip included here features the not-yet political Donald Trump, who was the owner of record from 1988-1992.

The Sahara Group, an India-based conglomerate and current owners, announced the sale this week, according to Forbes.

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Just when we’d given up on pet adoption, this little guy arrived at a local shelter.

Meet Buddy, a 3 year old terrier mix who rescued us back in April.

He is, for sure, a very special new “laptop”.


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Summer Camp ?

For $2300, you can send your kids to a 10 day session designed to improve their social media skills.

Offered in London, Melbourne and here in California, the program includes instruction in lighting and camera work, writing, blogging, self-promotion, marketing, etc.

“Every kid’s dream is to be a Youtube star”, according to Michael Buckley, host of the camp in Claremont, Ca.

There is no doubt that a select few teens have achieved fame and fortune with a highly successful social media account.

Followers in the millions will generate advertising revenue in the area of 6 figures, an income to be taken seriously.

That kind of popularity doesn’t seem to follow a formula, there is no telling what will attract and sustain viewers. It’s a bit of random magic. Or is it ?

I wasn’t surprised to hear of this version of summer camp. Most traditional camps are still designed to allow our youth to unplug for a few weeks.

My family had our own version of affordable summer camp.

Send the kids out in the morning to play in the yards, woods and streams nearby and have them return, unharmed, before the street lamps were lit.

It was a different time, a different kind of adventure, and it seemed to work.

We survived.

And of course, Allan Sherman’s 1963 classic camp refrain.





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8 colors

Original package. 1903

We all started out with the basic 8 colors. That’s all we needed.

Introduced by Binney and Smith in 1903, they sold for a nickel, and no doubt had the same fragrance we all remember on opening the box…the smell of wax and joy.

Early on, I obeyed the rules, kept within a neat pattern, never mixing the colors or straying beyond the edges. Those who did not scared me a little.

That all changed.

With time and life experience, the mantra was different. Always color outside the lines. Also known as “think outside the box”, it was a metaphor for creativity, a different approach to life.

Color has always been a reflection of state of mind for me. If you look at photographs, or even into my closet, it is so clear.

There was a lot of black and grey in darker times, beige and brown for when I was trying to disappear. The bold primary colors of yellow, blue and orange were for the happiest times, pastels for the calmest, and red for when I felt powerful and unafraid. White was reserved for summer, giving the illusion of tan on a mostly freckled face. Purple came later, reflecting the royal sentiment of the more mature me.

Working in a professional world dominated by men, I avoided pink at all costs. Then my daughter was born; and I embraced pink for the first time in decades. I hope I have thanked her for that.

A tribute to another kind of color. From the mind of Cyndi Lauper. 1986.

Beautiful, like a rainbow.


This is a re-post from 2014. It was inspired by a comment about recent wardrobe choices that seem to be mostly black and white. Life has not always been so monochromatic.

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