Teaching at 3

Teacher Dot

Van by the River. Age 3.

If there ever was a sign, a premonition, or a destiny foretold, it happened for me at age 3.

My parents had gifted me with a chalkboard and supplies, including a rubber-tipped pointer not shown in the photo. I could not yet write, but I was scribbling some kind of nonsense on the board and lecturing to my dolls, a captive audience.

Fast forward to college admissions testing…the interest survey indicated my strongest area was public speaking. Denial.

I had no interest in teaching, my goal was to be a journalist.

I did find it odd that even though I was shy and introspective growing up, I was somehow very comfortable on stage with a podium and microphone; evidenced by high school extracurricular activities.

Somewhere into my freshman year, journalism took a back seat to foreign languages. Being practical, I also minored in Secondary Education, getting my teaching certification as a “back up plan”.

After college and marriage, we relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah, and I attempted to get a teaching job in a public school dominated by the LDS (Mormon) Church. Because of their international missionary efforts, they had a very sophisticated language training program in place.  I gave up on “infiltrating” their system, and moved on to other careers.

We didn’t stay out west for long, and I was able to find teaching jobs again. The interesting thing to me is that, despite my hesitation, I was always, and still am, a teacher. Whatever corporate position I held, I found my way into training and development.

I trained sales personnel in attitude modification and hospital staff in stress management techniques. I taught time management and personal security, and trained engineers in simple English and writing technique.  I ran workshops for school volunteers and trained hospitality staff.

When people ask me what I do/did for a living, my first answer is always “teacher”.

Maybe my parents saw something in me as a toddler; something it took me a bit longer to figure out. twain

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8 Responses to Teaching at 3

  1. Maria says:

    I wish I could look back and remember my dreams as a kid. I never knew what I could. But right now I know I am a good mother and that I can be a good teacher. Better to know now, than never 🙂

  2. I remember at 5 wanting to be a Pom-Pom girl….a little later, a veterinarian…by age 8, a minister/missionary. Here I am now, a special education teacher in a public school system…not too far off😉

  3. LaVagabonde says:

    It’s funny how children seem to gravitate towards certain professions from a very young age. I was going on archeological digs and anthropological expeditions in my back yard starting when I was 4. That photo of you is so cute.

    • Somehow, it reinforces my belief that we might all have been here before. Memories/skills of past lives??? Not sure, but it sometimes makes so much sense to me. I studied Buddhism back in the day, and believe we may keep coming back until we “get it right”.

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