Vanity. Thy name is Van.


Rihanna. 2013. Similar ?

It was just another shopping day at the local Farmer’s Market. It was a beautiful, sunny day. I was wearing my favorite jean skirt, now about 20 years old. (Don’t laugh, we all have one!)

There was noticeable attention that morning. I’m one of those people who smiles at strangers. Today was different somehow. There were quite a few smiles being returned.

As I stood at my favorite deli counter, there were 2 young businessmen having lunch at a Vietnamese stand just behind me.

They were talking to each other, but smiling in my direction.  I returned the smile, took my purchases and sauntered away. How flattering. Made my day.

I was feeling pretty good about myself. Maybe my daily exercise walks were working some kind of magic on my posterior ?

jean skirtWhen I arrived home, my husband also noticed.

There was a 3 inch tear in the left rear pocket of my skirt.

I was sporting a pair of lavender undies with black polka dots. (Don’t even ask.)

Off to the sewing basket. sigh….

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72 Responses to Vanity. Thy name is Van.

  1. Nurse Kelly says:

    Lavender with black polka dots?? Sorry, had to. Very cute story – embarrassing but cute!

  2. Jim says:

    and me without me camera … 😉

  3. LaVagabonde says:

    At least you weren’t wearing dingy beige granny panties!

  4. megdekorne says:

    I agree with Julie ! So cute you are Van ! I really needed a smile this morning sweet friend , hugs and love , megxxx

  5. Hahahaha. And people from the farmer’s market are saying “remember the time we saw that lady with a hole in her skirt and we could see her underpants?” Great little story.

  6. Oh my, the above comments are as funny as the story! LOL I once went grocery shopping with a sock static-clinging to the back of a skirt. I also went to work once in my bathrobe. That was mortifying to say the least.

  7. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Oh, my……..

  8. Ha ha ha! Cute and funny story. Reminds me of the time I split my skirt from hem to waistband in the middle of teaching High School. I had to borrow a gym slip from one of my students in order to at least cover my butt. My undies were fuschia.

  9. George says:

    But you still received attention….:)

  10. Probably not as embarrassing had you known. You probably won’t even see those who noticed again.

  11. C.E.Robinson says:

    Van, I’m going with the Rihanna, similar? Yes! on the market jeans have stylish holes all over, so why not one stylish rip on your jeans skirt! I’d keep the rip and the look underneath! You’re styling, girl! Christine

  12. writerinsoul says:

    Fun! The post I mean! The last time I had shorts split on the butt-side, naturally I was wearing loud polka-dot undies. (I pulled my shirt down as far as I could & hustled home.) I’m a lot more leery now of jeans, shorts, etcetera that seem to be getting a bit thin *posterially.*

    • True story…when we were kids, jeans had not yet become fashionable. We were to wear “dungarees”, which were thick, dark blue and pretty awful, made to withstand nuclear war, I think. I used to take them to the back alley and get the kids in the neighborhood to ride their bikes over them, just to distress them a bit. Tricycles and big wheels worked the best. ☺

      • writerinsoul says:

        Oh, that’s great; you were ahead of your time! Now that you mention it, my mother kept right on calling them dungarees – I don’t know when I learned the word “jeans.” I never liked “dungarees” but I wish “pedal pushers” had not become *capris.*

      • My folks were surprised when they became the “fashion”. Growing up on a farm, my dad said dungarees were a sign of poverty, and few wanted to be seen in them. Who knew ?? I forgot about pedal pushers, and culottes are now skorts ?? ☺

  13. ouidepuis1 says:

    I got home the other day and sat down and TEARRRR… There go my jeans. The rip of rips – from the waist band to the leg, right down my butt. All I could think was: I’m so happy this happened at home!

    • How lucky for you ! I had noticed the beginning of a seam tear, but it was so small. It came out of the laundry much bigger, but I folded it and failed to notice. ☺

  14. Spicing it up a bit…I see.

  15. Hahaha love it Van! You’re not alone, I’ve had similar experiences… ❤
    Diana xo

  16. lbeth1950 says:

    Don’t sew that up. I know it’s a good look on you.

  17. Reminds me of when I once went ‘commando’ without realising there was a tear in the seam of my trousers. Lets just say that it was thankful I did not bend over much. However, somebody did apply a safety pin to the tear before I made my way home. How very kind of them 🙂

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  19. Hilarious! Thank you!

  20. markbialczak says:

    Adding a little color to everybody’s life that day did no harm, Van. They admired your choice in bottom wear that morning, most obviously, my good friend. Way to go with the walking routine. 😉

  21. Good you had panties on 😉😳☺️ and yes we all have a jean skirt Van😀

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